Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cheap isn't always better!

When L&Q (my property owner) were looking for companies to do the home improvements, they chose Apollo. As fast as they were at completing the work, the quality left a lot to be desired, and now that I have called a proper plumber out, the quality of their work is finally on show.

Further to my earlier entry, the bath panel is now off, and behind it is a nice pool of water running the entire length of the bath, soaked walls, saturated bath panels (now split and rotting) and as suspected, the damp low on the wall is caused by the leak also.

All in all the whole job was rubbish, and the rectification work will probably end up costing more than the initial install labour.

Needless to say the room smells somewhat of damp, and needs a good drying out too. So now to get onto L&Q and discuss with them how they are going to go about sorting this screw up out. More time off work will be needed, more disruption in the house, and more workmen traipsing in and out of the house. All because a single pipe was not done properly in the first place.

So once this plumber has stopped the leak, I can either start to sort some of it out myself, or wait for more appointments to be made, and see how I can work with them to get it all sorted out asap.

A little pissed off right now!

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