Monday, February 20, 2012

Man in Forest Hill, SE23 shot by CO19 officers

Well before I get started here is the link to the actual story.

The first thing that struck me were some of the pity filled responses and comments on the actual news story. Trying to make out that the Met Police have in some way done something wrong. What was reassuring though was the fact that there were many who also thought he deserved everything he got.

Lets look at the 'facts' we are presented with. A young man goes out onto the streets in the early morning with the intention of committing crime. He arms himself with a number of weapons in the form of bladed weapons. When he is caught in the act of breaking into a car he is challenged and the police are informed.

The police then attend the area, find the person involved and attempt to detain him. On doing so they are threatened with a large bladed weapon, so they call for CO19 (armed police) A period of time will have no doubt passed from the call going to CO19, to them arriving on the scene. At any point in this time the man could have stopped being threatening, and given himself up..... He chose not to.

On their arrival they will have run through some basic talk downs to diffuse the situation, he could have given up then.... He didn't! Then the taser was deployed. By this point its clear things are getting serious, and there are not many other options left. Regardless of if the taser was effective or not, this should have triggered a thought process in the persons head that soon they may get shot. For some reason it didn't!

At the end of the stand-off shots were eventually fired, and the man wounded and taken into custody. All  I have heard all day is why didn't the police take limb shots, why didn't they do other things. Do none of the people saying this realise how dangerous the situation could have become? Some weird belief that the police went out with the intention to shoot this idiot.

I have personally seen a man carrying two axes down a busy road, called the police and waited on scene. 2 officers with no PPE on dealt with the situation, and took the dangerous guy down. So its obvious that they use their options, and don't take shooting people lightly.

So if you are one of the idiots saying the police were wrong, the police were heavy handed, the police could have just taken the guy down..... HUSH!  put yourself in their position and see what options you would choose.


  1. You believe everything you read in the press? You believe that all police officers are good guys, who only take out the bad guys? And in 2012, the information age too. Amazing! Maybe Santa will bring you a hot bullet to the head, followed by an IPCC cover up for Christmas, seeing as you clearly don't know the value of life (or your own brain, for that matter).

    1. Everything.... Nope, all cops are good guys, not at all. Instead I am open minded rather than wrapping myself in the comfort of cold war conspiracies, and believing the world is out to get me.
      Clearly by your personal attack you are somewhat single minded, and it is
      your right to be so.
      Thanks for your comments, always appreciated, and nice to hear all people views.

    2. Actually on reading this again, I am actually, honestly quite disturbed. Somehow it appears you with physical harm, even death to me for daring to have a belief. Is this right?
      On a lighter note, I'm sure if Santa delivered the said bullet to my head it would have nothing to do with the IPCC. Unless of course in you crazy, fucked up, fantasy world, Santa works for the Met too.
      I take back what I said earlier, comments are welcome from rational people with something constructive to say, not spineless anon posting harm wishing freaks like you.
      So please..... Fuck off and save the world.

  2. Point taken - my comment was reactionary. But I get impatient when witnessing the forward march of the Police State, corruption and abuses of power in high places, and the public being robbed of their rights daily, yet in their ignorance, they applaud or defend those responsible. You sound like such a person, despite your assurances. Fear tactics are used daily throughout the media to keep people like you in a slumber. Please re-read what you have written about police procedures with Jean Charles de Menezes in mind, or Mark Duggan, or the Kalam brothers - all shot or killed by C019. It's absolutely true that trigger happy police officers sometimes kill and injure people unnecessarily, but don't get so much as a slapped wrist. Don't live in denial, because it takes courage to face the truth. This is an extremely dangerous set of affairs. Life is precious. But you seem to have forgotten that despite your own beareavements. Tragedy should not have to touch you personally for you to remember again, but sometimes, unfortunately, that's what it takes. There are many facts, beyond the 'facts' you have read, that you absolutely won't find in the press, but which the victims' friends and family must live with. If you were really open-minded, you would consider that and reserve judgement until you know what you are talking about. All is not what it seems in Britain in 2012.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to make a more rational reply.
      I don't for one second feel that we live in any kind of perfect world, but do believe there is a balance to be found between safe policing and as you say a police state.
      A country without the police would be chaos at best.
      My comments about previous cases are taken from what I can find out and my opinions. We can roll conspiracy around for years on end, but at some point there has to be a line drawn.
      Outcomes of some situations are not ideal, but they are what they are.
      I agree the IPCC should be transparent, and we should not have to even question their findings or decisions.

      To feel that you have all the facts and that I clearly have none is a little bold to say the least. CO19 have indeed shot people dead, but by it is the final card they have to play in any situation, and a decision that lays firmly at their feet. I for one would not want to be in the position of any of them at Stockwell tube or other situations.

      The debate will go on for a long time, but my final thoughts are simple. We NEED the police, and while not perfect, the majority of their work is positive for the public. And if you put yourself in a position where you are at risk of harm, then refuse to comply with instructions, you will more than likely get shot.

    2. I am left curious now. These unknown facts that you speak of, and the truths no one knows. Please, do share some of this information instead of casting doubt and calling people ignorant, yet failing to say one single thing that might change my mind or sway my opinions.