Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fit 4 Forty

That's my new tag-line, motto and goal.
Let me start by saying in really not that bothered by age, its just a number and nothing more. A lot of stigma it attached to that said number, so such milestones beg attention. For me, 40 does.
Not because I believe it marks the beginning of the end, or even the beginning of the beginning lol, but because its considered by many a milestone that you should acknowledge by going a little wild, so indeed slowing things down a bit. For me, its the going wild that appeals to me.
I really really want to have done a parachute jumps, if not obtained my AFF license by my next birthday. Florida this summer would be the perfect time, but its a matter of getting the money to do it, but I'm sure gonna try anyway. Also I have already set the bar for my birthday.. I WILL be on a Canadian piste on my 40th birthday, hopefully with friends.
But more recently the Fit 4 Forty has come to the front of my mind, and I have decided that the one thing I want more than anything by the time I am 40 is my fitness. Now I know my cardio can be good, and I know my stamina levels are pretty high. I have a good frame to work with, and a history of being in good shape, albeit some time ago... So I am setting myself the goal of being in the best shape I can manage for my 40th.
The hardest part of this goal is to achieve muscle tone and get rid of the loose stuff from the corners of my body, WITHOUT causing myself anymore injuries. With my recent history with tendons etc, I can't afford to over do it, so any weight training will have to be considerate of my frail condition lol. The best option to me is to get something for home. Long has been the plan to have a treadmill and multigym at home, and in reality that still is the goal.
The other thing I really need is to tax my car. With the weather warming up I really could do with getting out at weekends on the mountain bike again and shredding up some easy trails for the time being. My body is craving the activity right now. After walking 14 odd miles the other day I know my body is ready for the next challenge, all I have to do is find and face that challenge.
I think this is something that has really taken a hold of me recently, the drive for Fit4Forty is pretty darn high right now, and I'm ready for the challenge.... BRING IT ON!
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