Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another lovely day in Wales

All things considered anyway. Just back at the nursing home to visit my aunt. She has slept well, eaten a little breakfast and drunk a little bit of fluids.
It's funny, as I'm sitting here I can here the Jeremy Kyle show in the background, and that makes me realise how trivial my worries and problems really are, there are people out there with far more serious issues, like who of 6 men is their child's father. I jest of course. Shameful display if you ask me.

Joan is sleeping right now, as much as I want to chat and interact, I nice to just see her rest like this, snoring and all (yes I know I'm cruel) . I know she has been jn quite a bit of pain recently, so the more she js asleep, the less she well be aware of the pain and discomfort. 

Obviously the lack of food and drink is not helping with things, but then if it is not what she wants, and if eating and drinking causes discomfort, then there is a balance to be found. 

They have also stopped all other medication now and are just focusing on pain management which jn turn can cause it's own small issues. They do of course know what they are doing, and the staff are great. 

Each time I arrive for a visit I am greeted by someone who recognises me, welcomed warmly and given a brief update of how things have been since my last visit. They always have time to discuss matters further should the need arise.
As I write this glowing review of how the staff are here, I have just been joined by 2 members of staff who are going to make Joan comfortable. Not happy to separate us they said they will come back later, but I have excused myself. So I'm in the hallway now.

My only little moan would be the noise in the hallway of other guests tv's, but that's to be expected really and isn't causing any issues for Joan. In fact the background noise is probably more a help than anything else, soothing and breaking the deadly silence that would otherwise be.

So I shall break from my entry now and get back to the visit once they have finished in there. 

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