Monday, February 4, 2013

Issues found with the Blackberry Z10, so far

This isn't a dig or a snipe, just an informative to Blackberry and anyone else who wants to know if there are any issues with the new OS and handset.
First issue is one I know is affecting other users, which is Twitter. Notifications come through fine for mentions and direct messages, but once deleted they will sporadically re-appear in the Hub. It is a reoccurring issue, and they just reappear whenever it suits. I have not yet found the trigger for it.

Then there is Facebook, notifications are a bit hit and miss at the moment, with the first few for a status coming through, then just stopping. The rest of the app seems to behave just fine, and super smooth. If you open the app rather than just relying on the Hub, the notifications are there. Which kind of detracts from the point of a unified Hub for notifications.

I'm sure both are going to be fixed and probably being looked into now.

The more serious one for me is the calender. When adding a new appointment, you open the calender, select add, then start entering the details. Title is fine, Location is fine, but as soon as you touch start time the calender app just closes, saving nothing. It does the same with the keyboard on or off the screen. To add a time, you have to save with a title and location only, re-open calender, and edit the appointment. Once in edit mode the fault does not reoccur.

To anyone who wants to mock and scoff, that's fine, especially with the calender it is a little embarrassing that its happening. I'm sure I will get a hard time about all the hype I have given the Z10, only for glitches to be found. But that's all they are, and the rest of the experience remains lovely.

A few follow up points, battery life still remains mediocre at best, and currently at the same level of use the S2 can outlast the Z10. Location services are off, NFC is off, Wifi remains on, strong 3G signal. Screen set to 30 second time out, and 50% brightness. Given that 4G is meant to be more power hungry, I'm glad at this stage that I remained on a 3G tariff.

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