Saturday, February 16, 2013

SouthernRailUK. What a joke

I don't use many trains other than my regular ones on London Overground for my commute to work daily so admit I am a bit of an amateur when it comes to other journeys.

Today I am travelling from Forest Hill to Tadworth on the Caterham service. Arriving at the station just in time I hopped on the train, knowing it splits at Purley. 

Imagining like other trains there would be on board announcements or signs telling me which bit was going where and which carriage I was in fact on. How stupid of me, of course there aren't. The signs are too busy telling me to follow you on Twitter, or to sell me tickets. I'm ON the train, bit late to go online to buy a ticket don't you think. 

How about taking a break from the obsessive follow me, follow me, or buy tickets from us, and tell me something about the damn train I'm on, like carriage number, which part goes where, and to those in the dark, how about mentioning the train splits at all. Announcements stating you are now on one particular service and if you wanted the other destination, is no use to anyone. 

Sort it out, not everyone uses your trains every day. 

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