Saturday, February 2, 2013

BB10 Z10 vs Galaxy S2, Camera test, Round 1

So, a couple of images taken on both devices at the same time, both on auto setting. Neither in cases, using filters or any effect. And both set to highest quality image as far as I am aware.

So here you go, both focused on the same point in frame, what do you think of them?
More challenging compares to come, want to try and match them against each other in as many scenarios as possible.

So here we go with round 1, in no particular order. Can you tell whats what, dare to guess, or is it THAT obvious?


  1. The 2nd set are from Z10? They look darker but the color is richer.

    1. One of them is indeed from the Z10, the other however isnt :)
      I go agree though, while slightly darker, the richness of the image is better.

  2. I like the first one of the house and the second of the church.

  3. my Galaxy S2 takes just a few seconds which is remarkable considering that specialised software can take hours to prepare and stitch photos together. galaxy s2 to s3