Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dear Yodel, poor confused Yodel

Firstly let me say, thank you to the guys from Yodel on Twitter, for making things happen, shooting from the hip and just being down to earth. Without your input today I would be fuming. 
So lets get to the fun part.

Last night I tweeted, blogged and Facebooked my frustrations about a failed delivery, which was eventually scanned as an incomplete or unusable address. The call centre told me in no uncertain terms that the soonest the package could go back out was Friday. I was NOT happy and vented this by complaints of many forms to Yodel.

This morning, first thing I get a tweet from Yodel asking if they can help, 30 mins and a few messages later and I am assured the package is going back out for delivery, and am told the time the package was scanned onto the van. 09.52. And indeed it shows on the online tracking as just that.

02/05/201309:52Parcel with courier, its on its way!

So, with this in mind, and knowing I am still pretty much housebound anyway, I relaxed a bit.
You can imagine my confusion when I then received an email from Yodel customer services in response to my rather sarcastic email from yesterday evening, stating the following....

Please accept my sincere apologies that you have had cause to contact Yodel regarding your delivery.
I have looked on our system that states you called around 7.30pm yesterday evening to re-book your delivery, unfortunately our cut of time for re-deliveries is 4.30pm therfore the nearest available day would be Friday as advised by the adviser you spoke to.
This email was sent at 10.24, a full 30 mins AFTER the package had been sorted and scanned onto a van for delivery TODAY. Naturally a rather sarcastic reply was sent questioning the accuracy of the information in the email. What this says to me is that the person replying to the email didn't really look into the matter at all, but just grabbed a few bits of information, took a guess and replied with lip service not customer service.

Had they looked into the matter properly they would also have noted that the call was connected at EIGHT thirty, not 7 as stated in the email, that was of course after being on hold for 30 mins. At my expense I should add as apparently..... I quote..

 With reference to compensation for calls, Im afraid that this falls under the category of consequential loss and as a company Yodel do not cover this. We strive to ensure that all our customers receive excellent service and I realise that on this occasion you feel it was not achieved. 
So in short...

Yodels drivers will lie when they cant be bothered to try and deliver a package, and state that the address was wrong.
When the address on the package is confirmed as correct by a call centre agent on the phone, they will then in turn suggest access to the house was not possible, or that the road is small and not on a map. And that it will take TWO days to get the package back out for delivery,
When you email customer services to complain about the whole matter, the agent will simply fabricate a call time, ignore the comments made about getting it back out for delivery THE NEXT DAY, and instead say SAME day reattempt is not possible. Finally stating that it  WILL take 2 days, and the 30 mins on hold is for you to pay for.

THEN.... You speak briefly in under 140 characters to a helpful bunch at @YodelOnline via Twitter, and they sort the whole matter out, get it back out for delivery, and are polite and honest in the process.

Thanks again to the small contingent of Yodel staff who are actually helpful. As for the rest.. Karma gonna get ya!

Right..... now wheres my bloody package ! Haha


  1. Yodel's twitter team are brilliant. Helpful, alert. Their delivery drivers and depots, however, are a joke. The only way to deal with them is to avoid using companies that deliver using Yodel - and I will e-mail companies and tell them why I'm not buying from them. This company has sent my blood boiling on numerous occasions. Today, for example, I got two text messages and an e-mail telling me they had delivered my parcel. Arrived home, no trace of it. No card. No nothing. Last (but probably not least), this photograph on Twitter sums them up...!

  2. This is brilliant! A small victory against Yodel is always great to see!

    However the overall experience you received is dreadful, there is no need for customer services reps to be sarcastic! I blame that on poor training! I understand they receive a tonne of calls bombarding them with anger and frustration, but it doesn't mean they should not be professional about their work!

    But well done to the Yodel twitter team for saving the day!

  3. Hello Sir
    please provide me Yodel Customer Service Number because i want to know that how can i change my delivery address..??