Friday, May 3, 2013

First full battery cycle on the Q10

Well after coming off a nice long charge at 8am this morning, and tolerating ten hours of almost full on use, the battery is finally coming to an end.
Over an hour of calls, NFC transfers, Wifi connection as well as 3G, browsing the net, BBM, Whatsapp, bogging lots, taking pictures and videos, and whatever else I could do with it to challenge it and get to know my Q10 a little better.

I have just enough juice left to pop this little entry up, before it dies totally and gets its first full charge from completely flat. Then the true test begins I guess.

So, not a bad run for its first go, it's certainly taken some abuse.
I should point out that the Z also came off charge at the same time and is now down to 6%, with far less use today than usual. Not sure if the signal has been a problem here today, but both on the same network.

Right, before it dies, I'm done.

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