Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yodel, you complete and utter joke!

To say I have had a bad experience with YODEL the delivery company today is pretty much an understatement. The only saving grace is that I am off work sick today, or I would have in fact just wasted a whole day of my life waiting for a package that was destined NEVER to show up. Of course it wasn't, Yodel were dealing with it, what was I expecting.

My new phone ordered from the CarphoneWarehouse was dispatched yesterday, and the online tracking began, ending with ...
01/05/201320:01Parcel returned to delivery depot
The reason for this, apparently my postal address of 30+ years was a little too complex for someone along the line to cope with, so they just took the package out for delivery, drove around South London with it since 10am, finally decided they didn't know where SE23 was, and scanned it to say the address was inadequate. The tracking screen updated an hour later to say it was back at the depot.

So I called the call centre.... and waited...... and waited, oh and errm waited some more. THIRTY minutes later I finally got through, and after a long discussion about how hard it is to walk up my drive way, or why a courier would not know where the road was, it was agreed it would be redelivered.... ON FRIDAY !!

FFS are you kidding me, its gonna take them 2 days to get the package back out to me, im not allowed to get someone to pick it up for me, and they can only give a 12 hour delivery window.

At least I know a rough idea of why they are called YODEL now. Its either the method of communication between customers and customer service, or the sound the thoughts make as they travel across the vast expanses between some of their staffs ears.

I shall leave you with my email to Yodel.

I have waited patiently all day for a package to arrive and watched as it was updated to received at depot, til out for delivery. Finally at 8pm it updates to say its back at the depot.
On calling your call centre and spending 30 mins on hold, I finally got through to someone and was told the courier was unable to find my postal address. I should point out at this point that I too work for a large international courier service, and know our drivers would never take out a package which they thought the address was incorrect or incomplete on.
So why is it this courier in question has spent all day with the package with a perfectly good address and postcode on, only to claim it was inadequate? And now to rub salt in the wounds I am told I can neither collect it, nor have it reattempted until Friday, and even then its a 12 hour delivery window.
I have a job to go to, I have a life to live, and I now have a rather large phone bill as I had to join the end of a VERY long queue of people probably with similar comments and complaints as myself, waiting to speak to someone at the call centre.
So, can I collect this package and save someone the painful task of trying to navigate across the vast, open, confusing to navigate wilderness also known as South London, or can someone armed with a medieval artefact know as a map manage to deliver it before Friday.
Im not quite sure why it would take 48 hours to turn a package back around and out for delivery again.
This has been a totally ridiculous chain of events, and in turn deserved nothing less that a ridiculously sarcastic email to complain about the service.
Quite simply, can someone please arrange for this package to be delivered, properly and before Friday. And a refund for the call cost would be quite delightful.

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