Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lead by example, or so they say...

OK it might be me being petty because I have nothing better to do while sitting on a train because of the GREAT RIM OUTAGE , or it could be because I was brought up to respect other peoples property. Either way I was somewhat shocked to see a member of staff on a train acting in this manner..

What manner......

This manner!
I have blanked the faces out as I'm not quite that cruel to the seemingly ignorant member of London Overground staff, nor the innocent girl having to sit next to someone acting in this way. I should point out it was 11.30am, on a busy train where people were now standing, and as the member of staff fiddled with his iPhone4, he would occasionally look up and see the train filling, but continued to sit in this manner from the second he got on, until I got off the train 5 stops later.

In case there is any doubt, I have zoomed the image so the London Overground logo can be clearly seen.

For years I have been told by my mother not to put my feet on seats, sit politely and considerately. I have also seen signs all over buses asking people to be considerate to other passengers. Apparently this does not apply to some members of staff.

So there you go, I have nothing better to so with my time today, so I thought I would moan. But either way, I think this member of staff was inconsiderate and setting a bad example to others.

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