Tuesday, October 11, 2011

RIM ? Blackberry finally admit a 'small' problem

Blackberry finally posted on their Twitter feed half an hour ago.
" Research In Motion
Some areas have messaging delays and impaired browsing. We’re working to restore normal service as quickly as possible. ^PM"
Just a short while after declaring the issues from the previous day were resolved.
By all accounts, its not 'some' areas affected, its more likely a 'few' areas working, and they are mainly on BES from what I can tell.
The outrage continues as RIM try to resolve the problems. Meanwhile the networks are sending out apologies to their customers for the poor service, but are unable to give any other info as RIM have not been forthcoming with the required information. Virus, fire, hardware failure, human error..... Throw us a frickin bone here RIM !

Meanwhile, Twitter remains alive with frustrated, angry customers who just want info.
On the flip side, think of it this way, a friend just told me her friend cannot contact her husband in Afghanistan because of this outage, that is just heartbreaking.

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