Friday, October 14, 2011

Why we NEED mobile phones

As I sit on another train to the one this picture was taken on, and write this entry on my Blackberry, it kind of expresses MY need to have a mobile smart device on the move.

I just thought this picture captured the connection between man and his mobile perfectly. In such close proximity to other people, but with headphones in, and little screens in front of us, we become blind, ignorant, or unaware of the world around us.

From the children going to and from school, to the elderly guy sitting next to me now texting on his basic Nokia, we all immerse ourselves in our own little world while we travel. Buses, trains, cabs, or a passenger in a car. Hell even walking down the street, somehow our phone becomes our companion.

Years ago, sitting on a train, head down looking at my phone, tapping away furiously, I would get weird looks, and thought of as strange. Now days it seems to be those who do NOT have a Kindle, iPad, or other mobile device who stand out to the rest. There is no particular demographic, in fact it has almost become a new category in itself.

So there you go, a common sight on our streets and transport systems today, captured in a single image.

How dependent, connected or reliant are you on YOUR mobile? Right this is my stop, so time to get off this train.
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