Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A blog from the bath.

Join me for a short journey while I chill (boil) and reflect for a bit. I get the impression this might be a bit weird, both location to blog from, and the topics I will wave over, but here goes anyway.

I guess I should start by saying some of my best blogs have been written in the bath. Well some of my personal favourites anyway, maybe not yours!

So here goes, first with some blowing off steam and stuff. Things that have caught my attention or pissed me off in general over recent days and weeks. Here is one for you. Why are coffee vendors becoming more and more popular on station platforms these days? It has long been common practise to be located on the most popular routes to the station, but recently it seems that in the minds of the train companies and station authorities, the one thing every commuter who crams themselves onto the busy 7.27am to London Bridge needs is a roasting hot cup of coffee to spill over everyone else... While trying to read a paper and answer a text at the same time.

Hot drinks and busy trains are about as logical as Little Chef selling lager by the litre. Its stupid to mix the 2, so why? Then there is litter, like there isn't enough already, let's sell flaky pastries in lots of packaging for people to flake all over the seats, and wrappers to throw away on the train. Smart thinking people, I like it.... NOT!

Yours sincerely, the person sick of having hot coffee precariously placed near me on busy trains.

Next up is the 'do as I say, not as I do' brigade. Enough already, stop with the double standards before I explode, please! You know the sort I mean, those who preach how things SHOULD be done, but refuse to observe their own stupid rules. Work colleagues who just don't see what they are doing themselves before commenting on others, rule enforcers who openly flaunt the rules themselves, or anyone else who just thinks they are perfect in any way shape or form. No one is, don't kid yourself please.
For the record, I'm shocking for double standards on some things, but that doesn't mean everyone should be. The one thing I have on my side in this is honesty. I am almost duty bound to tell you what I am thinking. Its either an affliction or a blessing, the situation usually dictates which it is for that case.

Examples of the above, cops who speed and talk on the phone, workmates who bitch about others, then demonstrate the exact weakness or fault they speak of.

Hmmm what else is there now. Oh, Olympic fever! For some enthusiastic people who live in London its the best thing since sliced bread. For others, those who use the transport system, I'm not so sure. Something tells me I will be riding to and from work during this glorious occasion. Yes its a good thing, there is excitement in all of us I'm sure, however some seem a little bit carried away by it all. If your business will benefit from it I'm pleased for you, if you are a keen follower of the olympics or the events covered, again, exciting times. But if you are just excited because they chose London to be a few billion quid worse off, and to be overwhelmed by immigration, missing 'holiday makers' who will soon start claiming benefits, and the change to the East End of London.... Look around you. How many Olympic cities are thriving from their involvement in past games.... You have lost my understanding.

As a Londoner I am proud of the city I live in, amazed by London's deep, dark and long history, and love experiencing and sharing my home city with friends who visit. But the Olympics does nothing for me really.... Sorry.

Ok, neeeeeeeeext! Got To Dance, on Sky 1. Now I'm not a massive fan, but seeing some familiar faces on there drew me in. To be fair its not just this show my comments apply to, there are other similar shows. But the quality of camera work and directing has become a joke. There are certain things that tracking shots should not be used on, namely close up tracking of movement. When a dancer glides across the stage, tracking them close up loses all sensation of achievement. Just like the close up tracking of a golf ball being putted. If you can't see start and finish point, the shot is ruined.
Needless to say the finals of GTD were ruined by terrible camera work. Well done Sky1, you might just have fixed the vote by doing that.

Well as my bath draws to a close I guess its time to finish up here and dry off.
So I will finish up with this...

All comments expressed on this blog are that of me, Michael Snasdell. If they cause you grief or distress, please direct all complaints to me... Or if you can find someone, someone who cares :)

The end...

Oh or it was til I remembered another thing, but I will cover that later.
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