Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A quick P90X update....

OK for some this talk of P90X is all getting a bit boring I know. But if that is the case, why did you click this entry, it says what it is in the title haha. Anyway...

What I am blogging to say is that I have reached one of my objectives. Not just a milestone, not just a marker along the way, but I have hit my target weight. Sub 220lbs. Now as I have said before, this is a ceiling I want to put in place for myself, and whatever happens, I want to avoid rising through it again. Its an alarm point that says I am happy at this weight, but anything over means something is going wrong.

For me this is a big day, because it means the weightloss part of the program is completed. I am sure more weightloss will occur over the coming weeks, but that will be through physical exertion rather than carefully planning how to lose the next 1lb. Todays weight was 219.6lbs. I like that!

From here on in its time to push HARD, and really step my game up. And I started doing that this morning. With Week 3 of arms and shoulders feeling a bit easier I decided it was time to put the weight and intensity levels up, and the number of reps down (where needed). The result.... well quite simply that OMG feeling after the workout, and that burn during. In short, it felt flippin great, and so do I now.

Another great thing also happened while I was getting ready for bed last night. My girlfriend said to stop holding my breath, and stomach in. I said im not! She was amazed that the definition is slowly starting to appear now, and that you can actually see whats what around my hips and waist now. I too am shocked, when I was putting my shirt on I realised that it just hangs now (the shirt, not my stomach lol).
As for the rest of me, I feel tighter, much tighter in fact, as well as full of beans and raring to go.

I have about another 12 days before my first progress pictures, (30 day), and another 10 weeks of this program, so I am expecting to surprise even myself. P90X is my #1 focus of attention these days, and everything has to work around it.

So heres to working hard, gaining gradually and staying focused.

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