Thursday, March 1, 2012

P90X Week 2, WOW !!

The topic on here has all been a little single track recently, so I thought I would switch it up a bit and talk about myself for once. Makes a change, right?
So as some will know I have been following the P90X training program recently, and am now on my second week of it. Week 2 is a repeat of Week 1, and that's a good thing. Seeing what changes have happened already is really quite strange. Knowing I can complete all routines (60) mins now, without hitting pause, or running to the toilet with that feeling of nausea. That alone feels great, but its what comes with it that really makes a difference.
In 10 days I already feel like a different person. Full of energy, flexible, and motivated to keep feeling this way. The most surprising thing (although logical I guess) is the change in sleep pattern. No more late nights, I am ready to flake out by 11pm. Lay in's are a thing of the past too, with me waking by 7.15am and being ready to get up and go straight away. I don't of course. Instead I make the most of some spare time laying about, and relax, waking slowly.
By 8am I am up and out with the dogs for at least an hour. Before getting going I force down a large rice cake or a little cereal / porridge to get some carbs inside me. I have changed the route I walk with each of them a little, just to add to the challenge, and now finish with a nice hill to really get the heart going. By the end of 70 mins and 4+ miles I am properly warmed up, and sweating buckets. So its off home, get changed and get ready to 'Bring It'.
Early days of P90X is a pretty intense 6 day a week routine, ranging from cardio and plyometrics, to yoga and hitting the muscles hard with circuit weight training. By the end of each routine my body is more than aware that it has been worked out. My god it feels good though!

Each morning when I wake up I look forwards to hitting certain parts of my body hard with an hour of training. Every evening I will go through the guide to see what I am going to be doing the next day. Never dread, just excitement. During the day I love to feel how differently I am carrying myself, and realise the positive impact I am having on myself. Not over doing it at the gym like I have done in the past, not hurting myself pulling tendons and causing long term damage to my body. The balance seems spot on right now, and  I am loving it so very much. Thank you P90X.

Missing a day of training on Monday was a nightmare, I actually felt full of excess energy while I was driving to and from Wales, like I needed a good run or something to calm the energy levels down a bit.

Isn't the human body amazing, adapting so quickly to our changes, and running itself in a totally different way depending on the activities we take part in every day. I guess I have to be honest though and also mention that while my energy levels are on the up, and I'm feeling so alive, I'm also a little short tempered too. I'm guessing this is my body chemistry changing its game a bit. Its not like I am a raging bull or anything, but I am sure that I have a little less patience at some points in the day.

So onwards and upwards. The weight loss is steady, the toning is happening, and the motivation gets stronger daily. The drive for #fit4forty is alive within, and I feel positive that in almost a years time I will be a very different person. Even when the full P90X program is finished and my 90 days are up, I know I want to carry on working out like this. My diet can adapt, and my routine can maybe relax a little, but I want something like P90X in my day to day life for a long time yet.

P90X.... Week 2, Day 4.............. BRING IT !

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