Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oops, I appear to have been shot...

...by the Police for 'no apparent reason'
I am sick, to death ironically enough, of people whining about people who get shot by the police. Yes there are rules to observe, and guidelines to follow, but seriously!
A young man was recently shot locally to me, after being challenged by the Police in the early hours, and the outcry has amazed me. For god sakes people wake the hell up. The Police didn't rock up and shoot a man who was casually walking down the road. The challenged him numerous times, and a whole chain of events led to him being shot 5 times. Thankfully for him, no mortal wounding.
This whole 'oooh look he is a graduate' malarky just annoys me no end. I'm pretty sure Hitler was good at maths, Saddam Hussain probably ok at History, and who knows maybe Fred West was a clever chappy too. But what the hell has an education got to do with this? IF you want to use education as a platform, let's... Any educated person who is instructed by the police to stop and put their hands up does. Any person with any common sense would see a gun and comply, PERIOD... So what's that we were saying about an education?
I know there are people who feel oppressed by the government, and ruled with an iron fist by the police, and to those I say, WAKEY WAKEY you arse clown! Get out there, spend some time in the real society we live in, get involved, help others. I'm pretty sure I'm right in saying the same group who cry foul play, are the same people who turn away, refuse to give statements, and won't get involved if its not directly affecting them.
There are always cases where things go terribly wrong, Jean Charles DeMenezes was a classic example of this, where information was tangled up and an 'innocent' man lost his life. No one can undo what happened that day, however I don't think one case in any way similar has ever been seen. That of course doesn't stop social commentators from making comparisons between other shootings.
I have recently read a blog where it WAS compared, and believed to be a good comparison. 'George' the perfect student from Forest Hill, compared to JCD. Not sure there was a high terror alert the other week, nor that 'George' was suspected of carrying a bomb, but if you think they are similar, fair enough...... Idiot!
Then we have Mark Duggan, another example of someone with no respect for authority, a tarnished record, and a poor decision making process can bring upon themselves.
I could go on and on, but at some point we have to decide if we approve or disapprove of the Police, them carrying firearms, and of course if we understand that actions have consequences. It would appear some do not.
Personally I have no problem with the police. Hell I applied to join, so can't hate them too much. Of course there are rotten apples in there, those who will taint the reputation of the masses. There are of course rules that get in the way of our fun, like speed limits, not being allowed to take whatever you want, when you want, and it being naughty to take or sell drugs. It will always be the case that regardless of the crime, the cry will always be 'go catch some real criminals'.
We of course forget all of this hatred and disrespect when someone else upsets us, noisy neighbours, we lose something, or anything else we suddenly want the polices help with.
Just like firearms officers CO19, its all very well saying its too much, that its wrong to carry firearms etc.... Until something happens that requires a fast and firm response. I also read many comments on this subject suggesting there were 'other options' when it came to disarming and taking 'George' into custody. Now I don't know if you have ever tried taking a stick off an excited child, flailing it about.... That can hurt. Now try taking a baseball bat off an angry man.. Its quite long and seems to hurt when it makes contact with you. Now sharpen said object and suddenly the thought of just wading in with your little metal asp suddenly seems quite dangerous to your own wellbeing.
Maybe if person flailing the object were to obey the orders from the police, no one would get hit or hurt. But if that person ignores all the requests, orders or commands to drop..... Something bad is gonna happen.
If you are an expert in disarming people with guns or large bladed weapons, save a dirty criminals life, and offer to disarm them for the police next time the chance arises.
What's the worst that can happen, the Darwin Awards is always looking for applicants, and you certainly seem dumb enough.
I have said my peace. If you have a gun pointed at you, or the police ask/tell you to stand still, put something down, kneel down etc...... Just do it, rather than being a whining little bitch that moans about what happens next!
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    1. Wow, constructive. Shame YOU could not even be bothered to spell a whole three letter word.
      Anything further to say, or is Rainbow on soon?


  2. Wow, constructive. Shame YOU could not even be bothered to spell a whole three letter word.
    Anything further to say, or is Rainbow on soon?