Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is it really Day 30 already?

It sure is! Who would believe it, not only have I endured thirty days of hard training, I have also stayed on track with my food intake. Upping my calories when needed, and the occasional treat here and there. But for the majority of the time I have stayed right on track.
This week I return to the proper high intensity workouts, weights, bands, and Plyometrics just to name a few routines I will be following over the coming three weeks, but I love it! No seriously, I really do love doing it. Pushing myself to my limit, and then beyond. Driving myself to near destruction, and most of all, feeling the rewards for my hard work.

This isnt a work hard, see no results program. This is quite the opposite, with results being felt at the end of every session, and seeing results on an incremental basis. Suddenly realising a muscle group is firming up, finding more strength in an activity, or just feeling how tight you have become. (physical not financial). Triceps, glutes, quads, deltoids, the list is endless of the muscle groups that are reaping the rewards of my body's hard work.

The hardest thing for me right now is coping with the reality that getting my stomach in shape is a BIG job. Underneath all the hoardings the work is sure in progress. My ability to do crunches, leg raises, scissors etc is much improved. If it feel how toned everything is becoming its evident. However on the surface things are not quite as rosey, well not yet anyway. Much reduced, and pulled in tight the difference is obvious, but getting rid of the last pockets of fat, and hoping there is elasticity left in my skin at my ripe old age, well that's a waiting game. However, that said, my determination is strong, and another 60 days are ahead of the P90X program alone, let alone how ever long I want to maintain my diet for. In time, as things progress I can look more at my diet as well as increasing activity to attack the flab. However for now I remain positive about it all, and the stomach toning (not getting a 6 pack) is the last of my worries.

Over all, I am delighted, motivated and excited about the coming SIXTY days ahead of me. What can I achieve, how different can I look, and how much can I increase my fitness by. I am not expecting massive differences in my first 30 day pictures. Maybe a little definition appearing in my arms and legs, and a small reduction around the waistline. Other than that, I don't know, and don't expect much. However I am really looking forwards to seeing the difference by Day 60.

The only problems I have encountered along the way have been absence, as in having to go away for a day, or miss morning training due to an appointment, and the biggest scare was this morning, waking with issues with my Plantar Facsia (muscles/tendons on the bottom of the foot). After a long spell of fast walking last night, I woke this morning with a lot of pain in my right foot, which I have recently had issues with. Fearing I would not be able to walk, let alone train I put some anti inflammatory gel on my foot, relaxed for a bit, then walked the dogs at a steady pace. After an hour of that I was ready to train. Training which just to happened to be Plyometrics (jump training). However it would appear the worry was over nothing, and I flew through my training with no ill effect. I might however be paying for it in the morning.

So, for now I guess that's me, well on P90X it is. Im sure I have more to say, but I will save that for the bath later lol.

So here is to everyone out there working hard on their training programs, diets, and other keep fit regimes. The gains are there to be made, you just need to knuckle down and commit. A little motivation is needed, and an element of willpower, but it is in all of us. Competing against friends, setting goals, or just having the desire to feel better about yourself. Whatever your motivation, keep at it, and lets get results together.

Noel, Baljit, Laura, Ivan, Clare, and everyone else ................. come on!! Race you to the finish!

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