Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 4 over, P90X kicks ass!

Wow, so that's 4 weeks of P90X actually finished. 9 more to go, so its far from over, but after the first four, I am even more motivated than I was at the start. I don't know exact figures so won't preach too much here, but I do know that including using my extreme diet, I have dropped in excess of 30lbs now. (Diet started before P90X, so 15-20 is down to P90X)

So where do I start? Cor, tough one. Well as you prob know I started doing the program due to a friend, Noel. He mentioned this and Insanity and I was hooked. Had I gone the Insanity route I think I would have quit by now as its not what I was looking for. P90X however offered me structure, discipline and direction. As well as variation, which is important to me as I get bored and lose motivation quite quickly at times.

P90X has given me a new start so to speak. Woken up parts of my body and mind that have slept for way too long, and reintroduced me to my passion for feeling so alive and invigorated. Training isn't painless, its not without sensation and discomfort. Hell if it is, you ain't doing it right! But with the aches come gains, with the strain comes reward. By the end of a good workout, and a little time to recover you should feel great.

I have grown used to sleeping solid all night now, waking refreshed and with the drive to get up as soon as I wake and get the say started. Walking the dogs in the rain is no big thing, as I get warmed up, and then I get to train. Mentality is similar to the dogs, they walk and get fed, I walk and get to train. Win-win or what!

The toughest part for me so far has been to get nutrition right. I'm broke, let's be honest here, so getting my intake good enough to train at this level has been tough. My staple diet is cereal, with a small intake of protein in fish and chicken, and a few odds and sods when the body actually craves them. The result of this somewhat poor intake has been amazing. Weightloss, gains in stamina and endurance, and enough energy to not only carry me though a workout, but also onwards for the rest of the day. I'm not advocating poor diet here, but I'm alive and kickin like a wild bull!

My biggest discovery has to be my love for yoga, or should I say Yoga X. Relaxing, stretching, balancing and sweating like crazy. The balance between energising the body and pushing the limits of the body is perfection, and after 90 mins of fighting for excellence, including Yoga Belly X, I could just sleep. Not through exhaustion, but total relaxation of the body and mind. I have entered new territories of flexibly, shocked myself with balance, but most of all I have congratulated myself for committing and achieving so much on this one routine.

As for the rest of P90X, what can I tell you. Its a great program, I can say that already at this stage, simply because it DOES get results, and it has me hooked. I live to train, while I train to live. And to me that is a great ethos. Not to some I realise, but I have made use of the time I have daily, to make the most of the time I have in life, period! From cardio to stretching, weights to resistance, the whole package just hits the whole body, hard! But not too hard. As much as you might ache the next day, you can be sure that the next step in the program is achievable, maybe with a hint of discomfort.

In the past few days I have had some strong cravings for foods, junk mainly, but specific areas, being protein and sugars. Both are scarce in my daily diet, so I answer the cravings in moderation, while keeping the end goal in mind. The end goal that is Fit4Forty, or fit by my next birthday for the better explanation. For years now I have been fascinated by guys who maintain physical conditioning to that age, or achieve it late. I am currently having my second wind in life, and need to be fitter, healthier and more flexible to achieve my goals. So here I am on this journey.

In reality, while the program is 90 days, I have til next Feb to get to where I want to be, and I am determined to keep pushing and hopefully even surprise myself with the end result. For now, there is muscle growth, fat loss, definition (appearing anyway), endurance and drive. Simple targets like increasing push-ups, crunches, leg raises etc, are shocking me. I am not into hundreds, but the increase in ability and form builds almost daily.

I could keep going on for ages about P90X but will leave it there for now. But in the meantime I want to say this.
I know this blog, the Twitter account @therealslimsnaz and updates on Facebook have bored some people, but I also know for a fact they have interested and even inspired others, and that's what this blog is all about. Inspiration, and assistance in YOUR life, by taking something from mine and running with it (life mugging maybe?). My main outlook in life for years now has been to look after other people, and share my experiences in the hope that one will help someone else in a time of trouble or need. So please feel free to share your feedback with me in any way you see fit.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you have learned something from it, even if its never to click my blog link again lol.
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