Friday, March 23, 2012

That little pouch at the front.

You know the one I mean, that little pocket of flab that whatever you do, just refuses to go away.
I have been doing P90X for about 5 weeks now, and watching what I ate from long before that, progress is good and things are tightening up. However, I'm at that awkward, annoying, and to some embarrassing stage where the muscles are toning, and starting to show, but here and there, there are pockets of fat that just wanna stay.

My tummy is the main culprit here, with a little flab sack that just won't quit. Now if I'm honest I guess it IS actually slowly disappearing, but now that everything is pulling tight, it seems to notice more. When you are bigger all the fat seems to stick together, but this is like a plastic back with some cottage cheese rolling around in it as the bag swings.

OK, sorry I'm being a little gross here I know, but its actually motivating me to work harder to get rid of it. Reality is though, at my age, it could just decide its there to stay, and I could be blighted by it forever... But its not staying without a fight, and a BIG fight at that. My abdominal exercises are becoming more frequent now, and I am achieving more reps in them now. Knocking out 30-50 sit ups per sitting is easy, and that in one movement alone. Not including side crunches etc which all form part of my impromptu ab's routine.

I did some push-ups last night just to curtail a little excess energy, and they just kept coming, no effort just more and more, perfect form too. I'm reaching that stage now of shocking myself with what I can do.

There is no doubt that Yoga has improved my balance a lot, and I guess the weightloss helps there too, lightening the load on the limbs and joints. Speaking of which, my post training weight today was 215lbs. Which came as quite a shock as I had bread, chocolate and noodles yesterday lol. Imagine how much more I would lose if I was strict on my diet again... Hey, there's an idea.

In the next week of so I will get strict again, but for now its nice to answer cravings, and keep myself busy and active in the meantime.

I have to say at this point, I really love my routine right now, never dreading it, enjoying being up early, loving the energy levels, and feeling so full of beans its unreal. Thank you again P90X. If you are looking for a routine to get active, get toned and flex a little, P90X is the one for sure.

So, you little pocket of fat, prepare yourself cos I'm coming to get you. I have all year to make you disappear, your days are numbered!
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