Saturday, March 24, 2012

The past, the present and the future..

I guess that's the three elements of life that we can choose from. Which timezone we should exist in. All are important, all have some baring on our lives, but we can truly only exist in one of them. Which do you choose?

I guess I have tried them all at some point. Living in the past, waiting for things to come back around, wrongs to right themselves, wishes to come true, and situations play out again and again til its in our favour. Carrying the hurt and pain of days gone by, and pretending that things haven't happened. Truth is, the past is the past. The last paragraph you just read has happened and is gone now.
No matter how hard you try, how much you pray, its gone! You can't change it, you can't undo things, and it all now forms part of your life. I tell you what you can do though, learn from it. Like building a wall, the last course of bricks you laid are there now, and the best you can do is use them as a good foundation for the next layer. It might be a little messy, a bit uneven, so improve on it. Learn from it, don't lay the next brick as awkwardly.
Life gives us so many opportunities, even the most successful have missed a few along the way, but that's not a bad thing really. OK so you might have missed something fantastic, but as I say, you can't go back to it. So use it to make your next opportunity and decision count.

Then there is the future. Hopes and dreams are all that is there really. Nothing is certain, nothing predetermined of deserved. Hell if you think that you 'deserve' to be the next lottery winner or other such fates, then you are going to be as disappointed as I was when I thought it was my turn. Setting goals, aiming high, having a dream, nothing wrong with that at all. We all need to set goals somewhere in our lives, to give us a little structure and direction in life.

But once we have the direction, then we must ultimately let life be the pace setter. Of course we can influence things, again our choices count, this isn't a rollercoaster that we have no control over at all. However we have to submit a little control to the Big G, or life, however you choose to call it.

Hell without goals I would be lost, there is no doubt there at all. And right now I would be depressed, overweight and unhealthy. That's just the very tip of the iceberg in my life to say the least.

Then we come to the present. This instant, this moment in time. You chose to continue reading my blog and for that I thank you. This is the point in your life that YOU control. As the sliding doors of life open and close around us, we make snap choices, and then we have our next present moment. Break your life down into each decision you have made today alone and you will be shocked. Choosing to get up or stay in bed, bath or shower, breakfast or skip it, and so on. These are decisions that impact on the next.

Excuse my harshness in this explaination, but stay with me here. Staying in bed, you fell back to sleep, overslept and were woken by the home phone. After the time you should have left for work, but here you are speaking to the old flame that you lost contact with, and she chose out of the blue to call the old number she had for you.

Skip the breakfast you always have. That 2 mins you didn't wait for toast meant you caught the earlier bus, which was in the Russell Square bombing.

You didn't make these decisions with these outcomes in mind, but your choice developed.... They all do, and you can't stop them.

Are you lost yet, trying to see where this is going, what I'm on about. Well allow me...

In short, the only timezone to live in is NOW, make the decisions that are best for us at this precise moment, and don't dwell on what was, or what might happen. Truth is you only control rough direction, not speed, nor destination. Life is an incredible journey. Its not about how long it is, its about how it changed our emotions and the emotions of others. A good life can be 25 years long, and will leave an ever lasting imprint on others.

My outlook on life is quite simple, tomorrow may never come, so why am I planning 10 years from now. I want my decisions and actions to be remembered. I would love for my thoughts and words to impact on others and maybe help them make their next decision. Yesterday happened, its gone, and whatever was lost with it is gone too. But if it was precious, special or important to me, I carry it forward with me. Special things never die, never fade. They remain with us until our final day here as a living being.

So choose wisely. Live your life fully. Embrace every day, don't look back with sadness or anger. We have a beautiful gift of life, each and every one of us. A gift that is taken away in the blink of an eye. So out of respect of those who no longer have theirs, live yours!

I will leave you with my life motto.... One life, one chance, NO regrets.

Choose it, smile about it..... Live it!

PS this was written walking the streets of South London on a beautiful sunny day. Life is beautiful isn't it!

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