Thursday, March 4, 2010

The cravings have started.

Ok so its the end of day 4 of the diet. First up I have to say I have not been as strict as I could have been, and certainly not as strict as last time.
In the evenings I have been indulging on a tin of tuna, and a couple of sneaky biscuits.
Its not as bad as it sounds, the loss is still constant, so the diet is working. Just right now with everything going on, I have to be on my A game.
I will be interested to see what the loss is by tomorrow, and if there is another loss on today. Today's loss was only half a pound, but based on a week that's 3.5lb average, which isn't bad at all.
Tomorrow will tell.

Right I have had a long day, so that's me done. Fingers crossed the morning will bring another small weight loss, and hopefully that bloody cheque will be cleared too!

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  1. What sort of packs do you pick up then, they shouldn't keep you hungry!?

  2. The are 125 calorie foodpacks. Im not hungry, im just craving crap foods.
    Happened last time around too. Just get random cravings for chicken fried rice and pizza. 2 carb loaded faves of mine.
    But hunger is not a problem. 10.6lbs lost now since Monday.