Monday, March 29, 2010

Surprise surprise

Well its Day 5 for the ongoing issues with Orange and I am still no closer to getting my phone replaced. I have had 3 people agree with me now that it is a handset fault, but they are unable to authorise a replacement be sent out.

Why? Well apparently "computer says nooo" The system they use decides using the responses it is fed, and as it has no scenario that a phone can not work in the way it is behaving, it just cries for help and refers the matter to specialists. Network have now confirmed everything is functioning their end (no shit Sherlock), but as it is still not working, the system has referreds it to diagnostics now. Which also has a 48-72 lead time on it.

To say I am fed up now is an understatement. I am waiting on the teamleader to call me back now so I can discuss the matter further and vent some frustration at someone. Who knows, hopefully with human intervention they may be able to over ride the damn computer and say enough is enough, and get me a new phone sent out. Maybe lol.

I won't hold my breath on getting the callback, let alone getting a replacement. Instead I shall search for email addresses of senior people in the company and start a campaign to get my Blackberry replaced and back working again.

I can't remember a time I was this frustrated and angry at the same time.

Oh and to make matters worse, by staying at work in the other office to make the call to Orange (on my own phone) I have now been blocked in by a dam lorry, so am stuck at work.

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