Friday, March 26, 2010

Seems like an eternity....

.... but in fact only about 3-4 days.
Quite a few "interesting" things have happened over the past few days.

First up, the hospital, and how that went. Eventually mum was actually feeling ok, so we got the train up there to the appointment. She did well getting there, so well done mummy. The appointment went well, they seemed quite happy with her test results, and the appointment ended with a chest x-ray, which we dont know the results of yet. There is another appointment at the Oncology clinic on Wednesday 31st, to see the consultant, so will see where we go from there really. Still waiting on the colonoscopy appointment, which reminds me I have to phone and chase that up. (thank you Blog)

Other than that, she is in much better health now, and getting about far more freely. She has popped to the post office a couple of times now and other bits, so its good to see her getting some get up and go back. Think back 2 weeks, and she was sure she was about to die. How things change huh. So thats mum.

Me, well this week I have been keeping myself busy by buying things lol. As previously mentioned I bought a new bike the other day. A Specialized Hardrock Pro 2010, which I am pleased to say was delivered this afternoon. Cant wait to get home to get it out of the box, and put on the other new addition. I also ordered some DMR V8 pedals in red, which will go straight on instead of the factory shin scrapers. So thats an exciting new thing for me.
Also on Wednesday I finally got back to the gym and started training again. I am paying for it now, and ache like a mofo, but I feel good for it. I have started watching what I eat again too (he says after eating a chinese for lunch (food not a person))

Errrm what else is there.... Hmmm. Actually its not been that an exciting week after all has it lol.
Well thats me for now, I must have a mental block going on.

Oooooh thats it, how could I forget that.
Today marks 7 years for me. 7 years with my dear little Chantal. happy anniversary sausage ;o)
Love ya x


  1. Sounds to me like a good time for jiggy jiggy!