Monday, March 8, 2010

Is expecting something to go wrong shortly.

Why? Simple really, because something good just happened, so surely it will balance itself out.

Over the weekend I ordered a new laptop from Dell. After much decision making I decided on a mid level spec for £379, complete with Windows 7.
I did the whole online deposit thing, and financed it as there was a good offer on, but didnt get an email confirmation.

This afternoon I have been on chat to Dell to confirm all was well. Unfortunatly, being stupid I didnt make a record of the order number, so the agent had to search for me. I gave him all the info I could, price, spec, etc and he came back to me to say he had found the order, but it was showing up as £359 not £379. On checking my basket, sure enough, there it was for £359. Not one to argue I went ahead with the order.
On looking closer I noticed they were also now offering a free colour cover upgrade too, so asked the agent if I could add this also.... Again I could.

So yesterday it was £379, today £359, and a free £35 alpine white cover for it.

So................ whats gonna go wrong now?

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