Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ketosis sucks! Freakin headaches.

Well, I knew it was coming, just not so soon. With abstainaince comes ketosis, with ketosis comes headaches (for a few days anyway) Its the body missing its caffine, balancing its hydration levels and wondering where the hell all the food went!

So as the food exits the body, and is not replaced by anything, the weight drops quite rapidly for a couple of days. Yesterday morning I was 246.6lbs, this morning, 24 hours later, I was 241.0lbs, quite a drop. But like I say, thats not actual weight loss as such, more a good old clearout (sorry about that description)

Im hoping over the coming days/weeks the loss will be constant, and I can count down the milestones as before. First one coming soon, im hoping by Thursday I can be sub 240's and it will be 23*lbs :) I will of course be back to tell all soon.

The downside is when I woke this morning to a nasty headache, which needed sleeping off. Naturally I popped a couple of headache tablets and got back in bed, which has had a knock on effect with my routine for the day. Getting up an hour and a half later, meant the dogs had to be patient, and I had to rush (no shortcuts taken though)

Fingers crossed that will be the only headache I get in this process, but who knows. Im certainly staying well hydrated with 6-8 litres consumed with ease per day.

Now on to mum. Still not very well, spending most of the day in bed recently, and quite sure that she is not going to see any doctors any time soon. Tomorrow I will book her an appointment to see the GP for Thursday afternoon after the Oncology appointment in the morning. Get it all out of the way in one hit.
I have avoided the subject with her for now, as I dont want an arguement rolling on for days and days about it, nor feed her ideas that she can plan against. Im sure if I mention hospital or doctors now, she will become incredibly ill and unable to talk let alone see a doctor. I am expecting a bout of severe deafness to hit as soon as we get ready to go to the hospital.

Right, running late, so socks on and off to work.

Have a good day all.


  1. Keep up the good work & fight ketosis! Once it's gone it's gone and you'll enjoy all the benefits... But you know all that.

    See ya!

  2. Thanks for that, I sure do know that ;o)
    Here's to being buff lol