Monday, March 29, 2010

Lord give me strength.

OK im not religious at all, but I sure as hell feel like I need divine intervention on this one.
On Thursday my Blackberry 9700 started playing up, no data. I called Orange to register the fault with them.
Since then it has been constant phone calls to them, speaking to numerous people all with a different take on the matter, different departments all suggesting wild ideas on how to fix the issue, and quite a few promised deadlines for call backs, however there has been no offer of replacing the phone yet.
Its Monday now, I mean come on.
Even the lady I have just spoken to has said, just on the notes she has read on it, some of which have been entered a number of times, the handset should just be replaced now.

So the clock starts ticking again now. Apparently networks have my case logged, are working on it, and will get back to me as soon as there is a decision, or with my luck, more questions to be asked. I am SO hoping that this time they finally just say REPLACE, and this whole nightmare will be over. If the outcome of the next callback is not heading in the right direction, its time to call cancellations and talk about "inability to provide the contracted service".

So, cross those fingers, replacement 9700 for me by tomorrow PLEASE!


  1. Sounds to me just like my experience with the Fedex CSR. ;)

  2. lol Dont get me started on that lot!