Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I have never felt SO insulted!

OK so this is the 6th day this whole "no data" thing has been dragging on today, and I have placed a number of calls to them, once again.
First call today was to retentions. After not getting a call back from them yesterday, after asking to be called by a manager, I was seriously wound up, so thought I would explore how much it would cost to get out of this particular contract.
Truth of the matter is, I dont really want to cancel it, as I have 5 other contracts with Orange, and cant be bothered working with 2 service providers, having 2 billing points etc, but want to keep my options open anyway.

On speaking to retentions the guy was super helpful and made some calls for me to try and get the matter sped up. He also gave me the cancellation fee of £67, which is a small price for the amount of time I have wasted calling Orange over the past week.

I got a call back from Orange early this afternoon, a guy from customer relations, announcing to me that he had someone on line that was going to take care of the matter for me. To my dismay (hardly suprised) it was a guy from the indian call centre, level 1 handset faults. He proceeded to start ask what was wrong, and start going through the basics all over again. Which pissed me off no end! remained calm and went through it all to keep him happy, but it made no difference to the service on the handset.
I was then passed to, yup Level 2 diagnostics, networking. After running through the matter again, I pointed out it was already with Level 3, so he decided to call them. Even though I have been told over and over that they CANT contact Level 3 by phone.
A few mins later he came back on the phone, and advised me it was NOT a handset fault, it was a problem with RIM, then started to try and explain who RIM are..... Oh do shut up !

After a brief conversation he said he could only tell me what level 3 had told him, and that they were still looking into the matter. I pointed out this is day SIX of this issue, and informed him I am not a guniea pig for running geeks experiments on, and if someone wants to sort it out, maybe they can send me a new phone in the meantime and let the geek work on it in his time not mine!

He advised me he would escalate the matter for me, and ask his line manager to call me back, so I am waiting on a call back now from Level's 1 2 and 3 from Orange tech support now.

Note to Orange.
You are a complete joke now. I spend over £2000 a year with you as a private customer, I have stayed with the network for 5-6 years, and always sung praises for the great service, brilliant products and customer services.
That has all changed now.
Six days..... SIX days to try and decide what is wrong with one of your handsets, no replacement, and leaving me without a usable handset is a disgrace, and one I will tell EVERYONE about. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogger, Google, anywhere, thats where it is going now.

I will also now be escalating the matter to the official bodies, so an email will be getting fired off shortly.

I am at a total loss for words now, so will shut up for the time being, but please Orange, restore my faith in you.

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  1. Following on from information from others, I may need to eat my hat about the RIM comment.... Watch this space, I will admit if im wrong :o)