Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fun Sunny Sunday

Well, its a lovely day outside, enough to lift most peoples spirits anyway.
Plan was after taking the dogs for a lovely long walk this morning, was to take mum for lunch. Unfortunately she is not feeling up to it, so its just me and Chantal off to the pub for lunch instead.
Eating again, surely not you say! Well its ok, my weight has remained stable over the weekend, even though I filled my face with chips, garlic bread, quality street and popcorn last night, so that's a good thing. Last food will be this meal though, then back to the food packs.

Feeling quite full of energy at the moment, and hoping to pay a visit to the gym in the morning also, after walking the dogs, so lets see how that plan all works out for me lol.

In other news..... why do some credit card companies take SO long to credit your account after you make a payment. Orange credited my account as soon as the payment was made, AMEX however still have not, which is quite annoying as I want to book my flights on the card asap.

Right off to eat.............................. yes Ellie, that's right, CHICKEN! :op

Have a lovely day.

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