Saturday, March 27, 2010

P**sed off with Orange

Just sent an email off to Orange UK cust services regarding the ongoing issue with my Blackberry.
I think, all things considered its pretty damn polite.

"I have had a data issue with my handset now since Thursday AM. I have spoken to numerous call centre agents, handset fault engineers and now network engineers, but as of yet, at 19.00 on Saturday evening I am still not able to use the said handset.

No one seems to be listening to the fundamental issue which is... The SIM in the handset operates fine in another of my Blackberrys, and the SIM from the working BB will NOT work in the 9700... It is a hard/software issue NOT a network issue. Yet still I am bounced from department from department, being told each time to run through the whole matter again as if no one has made any notes on my account.

On the last call I was asked to verify the PIN and IMEI from the software, the handset and the box as if I am trying to con Orange or something.

I have 5-6 contracts with Orange and have had for years and I have NEVER had such a long winded, frustrating and outright unacceptable issue in all my time.

I have been without the handset for 3 days now, will I be credited this? Should I even consider renewing when the contracts expire? Right now the answer is no.

I just want my handset working, my Blackberry functioning with data, and not to keep being told to pull the battery, delete service books, and other pointless exercises. Is there ANY chance of a replacement, please? "

Fair ?


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