Monday, March 22, 2010

Well that was stupid....

....and kinda expected too I guess.
After a pretty good week last week, and ramping up my enthusiasm towards this week, planning to attack the gym, and get into my new routine, I decided to needed to celebrate. So I did.

Last night I got in the last Domino's for what I hope to be the next 90 days. Why 90 days, well thats roughly when I fly to Florida, so want to start getting a little more trim for the trip. Annnyway, back to my whining.
So last night I order a pizza, thought nothing of stuffing my face, and in fact I enjoyed it. However there was a hidden price to pay... GOUT! Thats right, its made a comeback just to scupper my plans for the day/week. The pain is just about bareable, but there is a side effect. I have a lot of driving to do today, all rather important, including getting mum to hospital for some tests. But with my foot like this I will be lucky if I can get a shoe on, let alone operate a foot pedal on a car. Just my luck too, its the left, which means the foot that does all the regular, constant hard work. Joy joy !

I have taken some meds for it, but cant see anything happening til tonight, which will all be a bit late, so im hoping that I can struggle and muddle through it without too much grief.

In other news....
I am excited that my paperwork for the bike finance will get sent today. Hoping to hear back with good news soon. Its agreed, I just want a delivery date NOW! Not that I can ride at the moment or anything but its principals!

Mum is off to Guys today for a POPS assessment. Should take a few hours but hopefully they will go through a lot of things with her and make sure all is well. Still no news on the colonoscopy, but at this clinic they will do all the bloods etc, so we will find out if there are any problems with BP dropping still or anything. Nice to have regular check ups.
Sadly the clinic is for pre op screening, so im sure there will be a lot of moaning about "im not having an operation" all day long lol. But all the clinics want this screen done as a matter of urgency now.

Gym tomorrow morning as long as I can walk! Honest!

Right, better go take more pills and see if I can get a shoe on my foot.
Lovely day out there, have a good one.


  1. So LL not going well, then? Oh come on, you can do better. From what I know they were supposed to teach you alternatives to stuffing your face with junk food! Live healthy! :)

  2. lol im not doing LL, been there, done that. had a couple of stressful weeks, so paused for a bit. Fingers crossed everything is a little more stable now, so I can focus again :op

    PS painkillers have worked a treat