Monday, March 19, 2018

A letter to Zwift.

Dear Zwift,

I would first like to say, EPIC!! I love a good session on Zwift on my Tacx trainer. The package is almost complete for me, with a few tiny exceptions.
First up, the positives. The immersive experience of the worlds is great for taking the mind away from what the body is enduring. Even on my medium spec machine, the details are enough to make the mind wander for a while. Especially Watopia!
London, being my home town, is a little less impressive, but then I get to ride the real thing on any day I please, so I am spoiled.

The different surfaces generating feedback through the Tacx Neo are also brilliant, with that little bit of energy sapping shudder. Thank heavens London's roads are not realistic in this case! Phew.

I have just made a start on some of the training built into the software too, doing the 4wk FTP Booster, and have to eat a slice of humble pie, and admit it is a little more exciting than I first imagined. Having used another product previously, I was not convinced such training was for me. The interface and data from Zwift now has me convinced otherwise. I love it.

There is such a great positive feeling out there for Zwift, I feel I can cheat and just said I echo what the others say. That said, I have to add a shout to Shane Miller for being the hard working producer of some of the videos which convinced me which trainer and software to go with. It's your fault Shane!

So now a couple of pleas.....

1/ Looking back at older versions, the gradient guide (top right) also had an exploded version with more info 3.2% etc. I would love to see something like this as an option, as it is quite obvious when riding that the gradient is changing within the percentage bracket displayed.

2/ Segments. When riding a route, even if the goal is not to complete it, but deviate midway, seeing a segment start, then have no idea where to turn to stay on it, unless you know it well is frustrating. It would be lovely if the option either on-screen or on the companion, to be able to know which direction to turn. Even if it was just an icon within the box. I do love a segment PB.

That's it. I would love to see these happen, but I know it is wishful thinking. Just wanted to put them out there in hope lol.

In the meantime, keep up the amazing work, and here's to many new courses and adventures on Zwift. You have changed my world. Thank you.