Wednesday, July 7, 2021

A health scare!

A few weeks ago I noticed a sharp pain in my chest, lasting only a few seconds, seemingly brought on by nothing in particular, but painful all the same. In the side of my chest tissue, it was immediately an alarming thing to have, given the family history of breast cancer.
Noticing that there was soreness and tenderness around the same area most of the time. Made worse by running or other physical activities. 

I gave it a week incase it was an injury from a dog jumping or something, but a week later it was still the same. So the journey began.

Contacting the GP first, and being asked to come in for a physical examination very quickly. 
She had found the same little sore lump as I had. And was also concerned by the tenderness of the skin at the surface. 

She soon decided to refer me to the Breast Clinic for further investigation. Waiting for an appointment became a stressful situation very quickly. Less concerned about what may be, and more consumed by the idea of the unknown. In Monday afternoon I called the hospital to see if they had set a date yet, and was called back within the hour asking me to come to Guys Hospital on Wednesday, which is where I am now.

Not having a mammogram. My moobs aren't THAT big! 

Having had the physical exam now, they are quite confident that it is just Costochondritis, which is an inflammation of the cartilage of the ribs. Which is great to hear, although still bloody painful.

As I sit and write, I am sitting in the Breast Imaging department, awaiting an ultrasound to confirm there is nothing nasty going on that has gone unnoticed in the exam. 

Having spent time here before with my mum, it is hard to not be slightly overwhelmed by the waiting room. People constantly coming and going, and a group of those people will leave today with the knowledge they have a life changing condition. So for me sitting here with a provisional diagnosis of sore cartilage, I feel humbled to say the least. 

Obviously, a clear ultrasound is one thing, but I will still be blighted with soreness for many weeks to come, which is a pain in the arse, but on the grand scheme of things, bugger all to complain about. Having seen first hand what breast cancer does, I can be nothing but grateful. (clear imaging pending) 

It's been one heck of a week, and one I can't wait to draw a line under. Thank you to those who I burdened with the information early on for their support. 

Imaging done, nothing to see, so have the all clear. Wow, what a relief!