Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A year of delay, let downs, and disappointments!

 As if the year could not be enough of an arsehole already with Covid, it has also decided to be a year of waiting, and being left disappointed.

But let's start with the positives, WFH. In the summer I posted saying that there were many good causes and reasons that WFH should be here to stay, for those who can and want to of course. And it would appear my prayers have been answered, for now at least. So, it's not all bad. The past 7-8 months have been delightful to say the least, work wise anyway. But that's not what this blog is about.

Without further ado, let's get on with the whining.

If there is one thing I can't stand, it is being left hanging. Maybe I expect too much, maybe (definitely) I am a little impatient at times. Either way, there is a certain point where waiting for a product or a response from a business becomes unacceptable. We all live busy lives, we all wrestle with time, trying to balance personal and work time. Trying to make time for ourselves, whilst making sure we don't forget the ones that matter to us. Be it supporting our business, or our loved ones. 

This year seems to have been a waiting game on all fronts when it comes to businesses. I appreciate that we are living in difficult and uncertain times, but there is a point where you have to say enough is enough, and vent your frustrations. 

Be it services rendered, or products supplied, delays can sometimes be unforeseen, and completely unavoidable. I am totally on board with that. Just like anything, just let me know, and we can move on. 

For example, I am in the middle of getting a tattoo planned. With lockdown measures changing nationally on a weekly basis, traveling to another part of the UK is awkward, and planning it has been challenging. Thankfully, as the situation changed, I was contacted by the studio, given options, offered cancellation and refund of deposit, or reschedule, all very quickly. The conversation has been fluid, and the resolutions have been agreeable. Sadly this is not always the case. Now rescheduled for later in Nov, we shall see what happens, but either way, I am grateful for the professionalism of the studio.

On the flip side, back in the summer I decided to buy a new set of wheels for one of the bikes, looking on the Hunt website, I saw the wheels I wanted were on back order for early October. Happy to wait, I placed the order and required deposit, as well as adding some other bits to the order which needed paying for in advance. Sadly in Sept I received an email from Hunt saying the delivery date had to be pushed back an extra week. Not the end of the world, as Oct was always going to be late in the year to be using "good wheels".

The scheduled delivery date was 2 weeks ago. No updated delivery date has been received, no bulk email communication. I emailed them and asked them what was happening, and was told that they were expecting the wheels in that week and would be QC'ed and sent out ASAP. So should received them very soon. Very soon was last week, still nothing, and since then, no updates either. 

As I say, I appreciate what it is like to work with a full plate, but communication is king! 

There are other instances where discussion for a service has begun, but then fallen quiet, sometimes with a satisfactory outcome, other times with a dreadful outcome, some even ongoing. Don't want to do business, a simple "no" or even "fuck off" will suffice. Don't have much to update, at least respond to any queries, even with a simple "it's all good", but don't just forget or ignore people. It makes them do mean things, even write blogs angrily! lol

This sort of thing makes me reluctant to do certain things now, like order things online which don't have an immediate delivery available. Certainly lead to concerns with ordering parts for the bathroom recently. If there is one thing that would have caused mayhem, it is any delay in receiving parts. Thankfully this all went relatively smoothly, with only minor hiccups.

When you struggle with anxiety at the best of times, being left hanging really messes with your mind, and petty as it seems to some, can lead to sleepless nights, days full of stress and worry, not to mention constant overthinking and playing things out in your mind, of just how bad the situation is. 

I guess the summary of this is, if you provide a service or product, keep in touch, don't take a shit in the hand that feeds you, and consider the impact your tardiness can have on others. 

I guess I should add the first monumental cluster-fuck of the year. Dealing with Skoda Guildford. From Day 1, a frickin nightmare, which was finally resolved about 8 months later. Live and learn eh, but that's another story all together. 

I will leave it there... for now!

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